Custom brokerage is one of the important aspects of import and export of any country. In Canada, the government has set up rules through associations to regulate the custom brokerage and freight forwarding issues both for domestic and International consignments. International trade is regulated through the trade laws and tariffs that are framed by the Canadian federal law which helps in regulating as well as controlling the imports and exports of the country. Custom’s Commissioner who heads the custom department is responsible for the whole administration of the custom department which include distributing power to the executives and deciding on different norms pertaining to the import and export. Customs-clearance departments are generally set up in border areas like airports, Seaports and different check posts across the country.


Custom Brokerage is an important department in more ways than one. Custom brokerage involves evaluation of the goods and products for gauging the authenticity and value of the consignment. The custom inspectors verify all the documents that are submitted to ensure that the valuation of the commercial invoice is same as the valuation quoted in the international market. Thereafter, once the value of the consignment is assessed thoroughly, the duty is levied on the Importer. This is commonly known as import duty. Once the duty amount is paid, the consignment gets the custom clearance. The above process of customs clearance can take from anywhere from one day to seven days depending upon the complexity of the case.


The custom brokerage and clearance is a cumbersome process precisely because of the amount of paper and documentation work that is involved. In Canada, the customs clearance process and co-ordination with the customs and other agencies make the job of Customs Clearance Broker or Brokerage Agency important in many ways. Several documents including commercial documents from the buyer, seller, bill of transport from the transporting company, certificate of origin from the seller country etc. are must. These documents are then filed electronically from the Customs Broker’s office before the consignment lands and then goods are checked and verified according to the need.


Custom Brokerage and freight forwarding procedures are managed by many competent firms who are equipped to handle all the necessary issues related to International trade. The experienced staff in freight management companies, facilitate and prepare all documents and regulatory services required for prompt and efficient import and export of cargo. Thus, it is important to have a detailed and accurate documentation done in order to get hassle free custom brokerage and clearance for your freight.



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