A Guide to Buying Used Warehouse Equipment

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A Guide to Buying Used Warehouse Equipment


Fitting out a warehouse or storage facility doesn’t come cheap. Whether you’re moving into a new facility or refitting your existing one it’s important to minimise expenditure. The most obvious way to save is to purchase used racking and shelving. If you are setting up a warehouse operation as part of a start-up it is particularly important to save as much money as possible and new equipment could seriously dent your budget. And the current global financial problems mean that there is some fantastic equipment available at good prices. However purchasing damaged, inadequate or unsuitable equipment could end up costing you more than brand new products so it’s crucial to consider a number of factors.

What to consider when purchasing pre-owned racking/shelving;

Supplier – The most important thing to do before you buy any racking, shelving or other equipment is to verify your supplier. As with anything, only buy from someone that you trust. This is especially important when it comes to warehouse equipment as you don’t want to risk damaging stock or injuring employees. If you know others who have had to purchase used equipment ask them for advice as to who to go to. Many of the reputable providers of new equipment also supply used racks/shelves.

Standard – Obviously you want to save as much money as possible. However you don’t want to sacrifice quality for cost. It would be pointless to buy the cheapest shelving you can find, only to realise that it can’t be used properly. For this reason you must ensure that the equipment you are buying is sufficient and fit for purpose, not just cheap.

Stock – If you are looking to buy racking/shelving for a large warehouse you need to be confident that the supplier has enough stock. Unlike new stock it is often the case that second hand suppliers don’t have large volumes of the same equipment.

Support – If you can find a supplier offering support it’s a real bonus. Regular checks and inspections are a sure-fire way of ensuring that your equipment remains in full working order, avoiding accidents and stock loss. Moreover you know you can trust a supplier who offers on-going support and guarantees. Also, make sure the company selling the equipment is able to fully and safely install your equipment.

Purchasing good quality racking and shelving doesn’t have to be difficult. If you consider the above four points you will end up with equipment that is good quality, good value and fit for purpose. In the current economic climate there will be some decent products at low prices so shop around and look for the best deals. But keep in mind that there usually is a correlation between price and quality and the cheapest equipment may be best avoided.

Qubestor warehouse racking and approved used shelving is a great solution for anyone looking to fit out a warehouse in Europe.

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