Ltl (less than truck load shipments) are fast emerging as one of the most preferred modes of logistic transportation. Ltl, enable shipment of goods that are relatively portable and can be handled easy from one place to another. North America freight service by Canadian Distribution Services Ltd. is one such company that offers movement of logistics on time, with affordable costing in local, regional and the national market in Canada and north America. NAF service is not only famous for its world class transportation but also, as it offers exceptional customer service at every level, supported by industry professionals, processes and technology that save time and ensure consistent shipping.


Ltl shipments typically weigh between 151 and 20,000 lb (68 and 9,072 kg). Less than truckload carriers collect consignments from various clients and consolidate that freight onto enclosed trailers for delivering to a hub terminal where the freight will be further sorted and consolidated for further deliveries. Generally, truck drivers start their day by loading up and heading out to make deliveries first, then begin making pickups once the trailer has been emptied for return to the terminal for sorting and delivery next day. There are few advantages of choosing Ltl over others. Here are few of them:


It helps protect the parcel from handling and transit damage.
It helps protect other parcels from being damaged by your freight.
It helps reduce package theft
It helps to avoid loss situations; situations in which some of your freight is separated from the rest and lost in transit.


Even though the name Ltl suggests transportation by trucks, but always that may not be the case. Ltl carriers use rail or airways to forward some freight toward its destination. Ltl carriers are normally able to deal with railroads more effectively than small shippers are able to as LTL carriers typically send a large volume of freight each and every day. This acts same for airways too. NAF also uses Intermodel freight transport shipments where several modes of transportation is used for a single delivery. For eg. one shipment will start out on the railroad, then be transferred to an ocean carrier, and end up on a trailer before delivery.


Ltl is very handy and one of the most preferred mode of shipment. But before choosing a Ltl carrier please analyze the following points:


Is my shipment less than 10,000 lbs?
Who will handle the loading and unloading of the shipment?
Can I consolidate my shipment?
Is it ok to share trailer space with other shipments?
Do I understand the timeline restrictions of LTL freight?


Thus with proper knowledge one can use the Ltl service for all the low weigh transportation requirements.



Custom brokerage is one of the important aspects of import and export of any country. In Canada, the government has set up rules through associations to regulate the custom brokerage and freight forwarding issues both for domestic and International consignments. International trade is regulated through the trade laws and tariffs that are framed by the Canadian federal law which helps in regulating as well as controlling the imports and exports of the country. Custom’s Commissioner who heads the custom department is responsible for the whole administration of the custom department which include distributing power to the executives and deciding on different norms pertaining to the import and export. Customs-clearance departments are generally set up in border areas like airports, Seaports and different check posts across the country.


Custom Brokerage is an important department in more ways than one. Custom brokerage involves evaluation of the goods and products for gauging the authenticity and value of the consignment. The custom inspectors verify all the documents that are submitted to ensure that the valuation of the commercial invoice is same as the valuation quoted in the international market. Thereafter, once the value of the consignment is assessed thoroughly, the duty is levied on the Importer. This is commonly known as import duty. Once the duty amount is paid, the consignment gets the custom clearance. The above process of customs clearance can take from anywhere from one day to seven days depending upon the complexity of the case.


The custom brokerage and clearance is a cumbersome process precisely because of the amount of paper and documentation work that is involved. In Canada, the customs clearance process and co-ordination with the customs and other agencies make the job of Customs Clearance Broker or Brokerage Agency important in many ways. Several documents including commercial documents from the buyer, seller, bill of transport from the transporting company, certificate of origin from the seller country etc. are must. These documents are then filed electronically from the Customs Broker’s office before the consignment lands and then goods are checked and verified according to the need.


Custom Brokerage and freight forwarding procedures are managed by many competent firms who are equipped to handle all the necessary issues related to International trade. The experienced staff in freight management companies, facilitate and prepare all documents and regulatory services required for prompt and efficient import and export of cargo. Thus, it is important to have a detailed and accurate documentation done in order to get hassle free custom brokerage and clearance for your freight.





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Pest recurrence is one of the most common and frequently dealt with problems of both rural and urban households and businesses. It’s not only agricultural farms, food storage warehouses, homes and offices that face regular threats from different pests which damage extensively in no time. One of the best pest control services in Vancouver provides you solutions to all the possible problems including rodents, insects, wasps, birds and so on. But before proceeding further the first and fore most requirement is to identify the pest and the damage that it can occur. This will help the pest control providers to act with significant knowledge and due efficiency.


Cleanliness and having a hygienic surrounding in and around the warehouse or office is important in order to keep the pests away. The breeding ground of most of the pests are filth, stagnant water, unattended dirt and stale food. Since pests can prove harmful for your heath, it is important that the basic necessities are addressed promptly along with regular reaccuring pest control services.


Bedbugs are one of the commonly found pests that thrive around human dwellings. Places like hotels, restaurants, hospital and household kitchen areas are some of the best places to catch bedbugs. They live on human blood for survival and are mostly found on beds. Extremely harmful, these bugs feed on blood and so needs prompt pest control. For controlling bedbugs, insecticides are sprayed around the bed.


Rodents and cockroaches are extremely difficult pest commonly found throught the world. Without adequate pest control, it is difficult to make homes, offices and warehouses free from rats and cockroaches. Needless to say rat feces are one of the most poisonous products that can contaminate food to the extent of sheer fatality. In such a scenario hiring a competent pest control service is a must. Vancouver pest control companies like Alma Pest and Building Supplies Ltd. are equipped in providing the best service in this area.


Houseflies and mosquitoes have over time emerged as one of the foremost reasons for some of the serious illness that are attacking human beings. Be it malaria, dengue or encephalitis, uncontrolled breeding of mosquitoes can prove disaster in more ways than one. Pest control in Vancouver will help in complete elimination of this problem. This will enable you to lead a healthy and stress free life altogether.


Before choosing a Pest control service provider, it is important to check the following:


• Reputation of the service provider
• Quality of the work
• Assured solutions
• Scientifically proven methods
• Minimum use of chemicals
• Providing wide range of options
• Economically viable.
• Proper Certifications
• Techniques that are approved by CFIA


Thus, it is important to take regular services from Vancouver pest control to maintain a clean and pest free business or lifestyle.